farm fresh happiness

Rooted and Raised
in Perham, MN

Grandflower Farm is a boutique flower farm experience capturing overflowing creativity in a simple Joy Jar. ​


Time to connect

Gather Your Flower Lovers

It's simple. Flowers are better with friends. All of our events are centered around being with the people you love, whether you are celebrating a big milestone or just because.


Time to DIY

Let Your
​Creativity Flow

Everyone needs time to be creative. At Grandflower Farm, we let you cut and curate your very own flower bouquet on your own. Let the flowers inspire you!

join us at the farm to

Experience the Joy


grab your pals

Bloom Socials

Join us for a casual evening of cutting blooms and enjoying Grandflower Farm. We'll have all the tools you need to cut and design your very own farm fresh bouquet.


Make it your own

Private Parties

Plan your own private event at Grandflower Farm! Enjoy a bridal shower, birthday party, or just for kicks and giggles gathering at the farm. Click the link below for more details.


Meet Jen

owner + farmer

Grandflower Farm is a passion project of mine. It started out as a way to get outside and get moving, but quickly blossomed into something much more than that. Flowers are meant to bring joy, and I knew I wanted to share their beauty with others. 

So the idea of a flower farm was born. The name stuck after a friend asked how my “grandflowers” were doing. I knew right then that it would be the perfect name.